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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?
Appointments are needed for the Kan Be Healthy wellness screenings and can be made by calling (620) 582-2431. Appointments are needed for the Health & Family Services office and can be made by calling (620) 582-2431. 

Who can use the Health Department services?
Health Department services are open to all residents of Comanche County. 

Do you see ill people?
The Health Department does not treat ill patients but can serve as a resource for referral. 

Do I have to pay for services at the Health Department?
Yes, the Health Department does charge for most services, screenings and immunizations. A sliding scale fee is offered for those who meet the income guidelines. Payment for Health & Family Services is based upon family size and income, however no one is denied service based on inability to pay. 

How much do the Health Department services cost?
Each Community Health Screening (Hemoglobin, & Glucose) is $10.00 and each Immunization is $14.00. Pregnancy testing call for information. 

How do I demonstrate income or residential eligibility?
Proof of income can be demonstrated by providing a paycheck stub, income tax return, letter from SRS, documentation of alimony or child support, a medical card, or signed letter from an employer. Proof of residence can be demonstrated by a recent bill or piece of mail sent to a local residence or receipt of rent payment from a landlord. 

Are your services confidential?
Yes. The strictest of care is taken to preserve the privacy of each patient. Our atmosphere of caring is informal and friendly and at the same time protects each person’s specific needs for confidentiality. For more information you may review the Health Department’s Notice of Privacy Practices. 

Do you provide interpreting or translation services?
Yes. If an interpreter or translator is needed, please let the Health Department know prior to coming in for services so we can make arrangements. 

Where can I go for medical services if I don’t have health insurance?
Comanche County Medical Clinic. 

Child Care Licensing
All Kansas Health Departments are restricted in giving out information pertaining to Day Care Services available due to the passing of House Bill 2755.
If you are in need of Providers for Day Care Homes in the Comanche County area please call the following number and they will help you with the information you need.
Child Care Aware of Kansas  1-877-678-2548
For application and information:

How can I apply for state-assisted health insurance?
Those interested in more information on state-assisted health insurance should contact Comanche County Health Clinic or the DCF office at (620) 231-5300.